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Sir Bernard Lovell (born August 31, 1913, Oldland Common, Gloucestershire, England—died August 6, 2012, Swettenham, Cheshire) received an OBE in 1942 for his work on aircraft radar systems during wartime.

Continuing to occupy the depths of space with his work on cosmic rays, Lovell constructed Jodrell Bank’s first radio telescope (known as the Lovell telescope) in the latter part of the 20th Century.

Lovell became an esteemed author, a household name, and continued to accelerate space research to educate a new enlightened generation.

A leader, pioneer… and the true space Invader

What’s in the name?

After Sir Bernard Lovell was awarded an OBE in 1942 for his work on cosmic rays, and wartime radar techniques, he was seen as a scientific genius. Whilst continuing to occupy the depths of space and developing Jodrell Bank site, Lovell became a household name, and among moon landings and other pioneering space research, the fascination with the cosmos accelerated a new enlightened world in the right direction.

From the 1960’s, books, games and TV shows frequently documented fictional and non fictional interpretation of space, educating and capturing the hearts and minds of an enthusiastic generation.

Astronomy became a culture, which  excelled in the arts, creating galactic pastimes, video games, books, magazines and films which made a once constrained wartime generation feel good, free, connected and part of positive change.

‘The Space Invader’ is so much more than a name, it’s a moment in time, an escapism, a satisfaction, and most importantly an element of fun to remind us that positive change in the right direction is not only important, it’s necessary.

Our pub will deliver a respectful modern take on a classic memory, whilst preserving the memory of The Red Lion and its long serving residence in the village of Goostrey.

Whether a classic memory for you is a traditional family dish, an old book, a classic video game, fond film or a favourite place, Goostrey’s new pub will recreate those feelings of nostalgia, and grant you more heartwarming moments again and again, because that’s just what we do.

This is the ‘The Space Invader’, welcome to the voyage…


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